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More often than not, people know Jade as the Pinterest Queen! After a lot of testing and time, Jade has worked out a winning technique! She now offers a ‘Pinultimate‘ package and challenge which allows you to gain Explosive Growth from a Pinterest Expert!

Jade is quite a unique Virtual Assistant! She has this incredible sponge-like brain that absorbs information and retains with such accuracy, the people that use her get not only get her excellent V.A. skills but Jade’s superb memory too!

Find your tribe and hold on tight – and find a mentor who really gets you and will help you on your journey – your tribe and mentor will be invaluable.

I am thrilled to introduce Jade, an inspirational woman, who not only runs her own blog, her business but also home schools her two beautiful girls!

Let’s get personal! Where do you live? Do you have a family? What do you do for work and play?

I live in Ely with my 2 daughters, husband and out mini poodle Coco. I’m a blogger at and a virtual assistant at

Technology is a big part of my life and when i’m not working or home educating the girls, i’m either playing video games or planning out next trip to Disney!

What is your blog called and how did you decide on that name?

Mummies Waiting was born after my first miscarriage. I wanted to share the journey of our miscarriage. It quickly evolved into a diary of our youngest life and then what it is today, a place to help parents plan stress-free Disneyland Paris holidays to make magical memories that last a lifetime.

I chose The Blog Assistant because that’s what I am and wanted to continue to be. A Virtual Assistant specialising in blogs and bloggers.

What type of blog do you have? What is your niche?

Disneyland Paris for one and Pinterest Virtual Assistance for the other.

What do you offer your readers that no one else does?

For Disneyland Paris, I’ve been there. I’ve been that parent about to embark on a Disney holiday with a 6 week old and a 23-month-old. I had no idea what or even if they could ride anything and I was so worried the whole trip would be disaster.

Having searched the internet I found nothing to help, which is how Mummies Waiting was really born. I decided I wanted to be the help those other parents and now I provide plenty of content, plus the option to message me personally and chat about your needs.

As for The Blog Assistant, I give a truthful look on Pinterest. I didn’t always love it, for years it just didn’t work for me, but with trial and error I started to realise what works and now I give away all that information because I want others to love Pinterest too.

What made you start your blog? Does the reality of running your own blo meet your initial thoughts and expectations?

Honestly, I didn’t know it would be a business when I started, it just kind of turned out that way and I love that.

How many hours a week do you spend on your blo? Do you find you can work this around your other commitments?

Far too many. It’s really hard to find the balance between Home Educating and my business, but some how I manage it. Some weeks I can get away with just 10 hours and others I wonder how I will fit it all in. I tend to mix really busy weeks with a dead quite one after so I can still feel like i’m on top of things.

Who inspires you most?

Aby Moore from You Baby Me Mummy founder of The Mamaprenuer Revolution and the Revolution Inner Circle. If it wasn’t for Aby, I wouldn’t be where I am today?

What is the big picture? Your business dream?

I want to empower women to access Pinterest and gain more page views/click because of it, so they CAN build their business and live the life they want.

I also want to help parents enjoy Disneyland Paris. I’d love to work with Disney one day, that would be amazing.

What has been the biggest problem that you have had to overcome, to enable you to get where you are today?

Mindset. It’s all about telling yourself you CAN do this even when you truly believe you can’t.

Have there been any crazy/unbelievable moments that have happened since you began your blo? Let’s celebrate your successes!

When I hit 10k page views in a month! I earnt more than I did in a ‘regular’ job and I met the most amazing friends who have really changed my life.

Have there been any hard times in your career that made you question your decision of becoming a Femail Entrepreneur? How did you overcome this?

Of course. I always turn to the amazing ladies in Aby’s Inner Circle, they remind me of ‘my why and that helps me to keep going until I get over the wobble!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

On a Disney cruise sipping a nice cocktail while the girls play in the pool?! I want to be the number 1 site for my niche (both!) with a following of kick-ass mums who are smashing their Pinterest/planning the perfect trip. I’d also love to have products out there, a planning book and a Pinterest book to really help people get where they want.

Is there any advice you’d give to those who want to start on a similar business journey to you?

Find your tribe, you can go so far if you have that amazing support behind you.

Here’s how to get in touch with The Pinterest and Disney Queen!

The Blog Assistant
@theblogassist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Mummies Waiting
@mummieswaiting on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube @adisneykindaday on Instagram

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