Hi, I'm Nicky, The Organised Blogger and Virtual Assistant!

I research, design and produce social media content for  bloggers, freeing you to focus on growing your business!

Regardless of your current social media activity level, my aim is for you to become more prolific online so that you’re seen as a stand-out candidate in your field.

Many women like myself, jump at the chance of being self employed, living our hopes and dreams and fulfilling ambitions that had been put aside long ago, to have a family.  The reality to this that the work load can be daunting and massively overwhelming.  You're not alone!


You know, like it was back in the days when you started; full of excitement about the writing; the sharing of your words of wisdom or products with the world; without a care in the world, before reality dawned!

As a Virtual Assistant, small business owner and Blogger, I realise what a mammoth task it is to keep on top of a busy blogging schedule, run the home and your family!  And keep it all going!



Nicky Williams established The Organised Blogger in 2018. With nearly 30 years of experience including roles as a Personal Assistant in an Advertising Agency, Devon County Council School Administrator, Social Media Designer and Manager and Blogger,  I soon realised that my unique set of skills could help my local and online community.

The Organised Blogger manages your social media, while you manage your business. I am a UK based social media manager and virtual assistant researching, creating, designing and publishing content to your Social Media accounts.

Of course, I do many other tasks as a virtual assistant! However, I'm most known for my social media management and design skills.

social media graphics

Struggle with design? I create social media post graphics, such as images for Tips, Quote memes, Questions etc.

social media set up & support

Set up social media business profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Plus, social media scheduling.

facebook page support

Facebook admin support for your business page, to monitor, respond to messages or schedule as required.

facebook group support

Adding new members & welcoming them to the group. Schedule & Interact with group as required.

lead magnet design

Design lead magnets such as A4 freebie. For example, Checklist, Planner, How to Guide, Worksheet etc.

newsletter design

Newsletter template creation in MailChimp, upload content you provide, format and schedule to your list of subscribers.


Pinterest account set-up. The most important step for achieving success for your business on Pinterest.

Blog Support

Do you have a wordpress website? I can I can help you manage your posts, images and updates.


If you need help with additional admin tasks that you most listed above, please contact me to discuss how I can help.


I also work closely with a graphic designer who can assist you with website design, branding, marketing material, design and print.  




outstanding visual content

When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later. INCREDIBLE STATS!

Driving sales & Engagement

Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. Remarkably, according to Psychology Today, images affect emotion, and emotion has an influential role in consumers’ purchase decisions.

Saving YOU Time & Money

No need to invest more time, energy and money in graphics software packages that you’ll never use! Final Edit Social Media Graphics have all this done for you. One click of a button, the entire month is downloaded to your computer to use straight away!

200+ social media graphics

(No credit card details required)


biggest blogging hurdle

I went onto social media to hold a poll. I knew I wasn't alone with my blogging stress and sense of being overwhelmed, within the blogging community I hear most days that "overwhelm" is crippling their love of writing and creativity, but this poll backed up my concerns.


Never having enough time to do it all is a real problem for bloggers, with many struggling with blog organisation, graphic design and social media scheduling.  Often leading to bloggers walking away from their beloved blogs after not only months but years of hard work.