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I’m thrilled to introduce Louise to The Organised Blogger’s audience. An inspirational lady who wishes to make positive lasting changes with Manico PR – where she finds the right words to tell people about the great work you do, without resorting to jargon and cliches.

The perfect review, from a client who has worked with Louise for many years and on over 25 projects!

“Louise’s journalism, public relations and communications background and experience of working on high-level campaigns mean that she operates to the highest level. This combined with her friendly, easy going but conscientious and tenacious personality mean that she delivers superb articles and images to reinforce brand values.”

Whether it is communications for public relations, marketing, internal comm’s or “fire-fighting” reputation protection, I would highly recommend Louise to any organisation.

“If you’re thinking about going it alone, do it! There’s so much support out there, people who can help you and people you can help.”

Let’s get personal! Where do you live? Do you have a family? What do you do for work and play?

I live in Plymouth with my husband and little girl – I was born here and always seem to come back!

I am a Public Relations and Communications expert, so I can help businesses make sure they’re getting the right message across to their customers, whether that’s online, in print or getting media coverage. Despite all the good stuff going on, lots of people seem to hiding their light under a bushel and I want to show them off!

When I’m not working, I love dance! I’m part of Renaissance Historical Dance Society. I’m on the committee of the Early Dance Circle, the national charity promoting early dance in the UK.

What is your business called and how did you decide on that name?

My business is Manico PR, based on my own name! I wanted to emphasise the personal connection people can have with me. I genuinely care about the businesses I work with.

What type of business do you have? What is your niche?

My blog is about public relations. Helping people to understand exactly how a PR professional can help them, and passing on tips and tricks so they can help themselves.

What do you offer your readers/customers that no one else does?

I think people like working with me because I do really care. I’m not a faceless agency – and I work with people who contribute something positive to their community.

People have said I’ve got a bit of a different outlook on life (the words ‘unusual’, ‘alternative’ and ‘quirky’ have all been used….) But I think that helps. As well as bringing an external perspective, I can also spot angles that others perhaps haven’t seen.

What made you start your business? Does the reality of running your own business meet your initial thoughts and expectations?

I started Manico PR as a way to carry on working in the profession I love while being a bit more flexible due to a range of personal commitments. Reality is always different from the dream, but it’s good fun! I’ve met lots of interesting people, written about things which I knew nothing about before and been led in directions I hadn’t considered when I started up.

How many hours a week do you spend on your business? Do you find you can work this around your other commitments?

The amount of time I spend working varies from week to week – I’m not a 9 to 5 person. It’s a blessing and a curse, I’m flexible enough to be able to do things like volunteering during normal work hours, but I do end up burning the midnight oil from time to time.

Who inspires you most?

Blog-wise, I’m a big fan of Rachel Miller, who runs the All Things IC – all about internal communications, which is so important when your company has more than just you. She is really informative and clear, a real expert in her field, and she does it all while looking after twins! In the rest of my life, Beyoncé. Who doesn’t want to be like her?

What is the big picture? Your business dream?

Over time, I hope my business will grow and my blog will become established as a go-to for business owners and other PR professionals as a point of reference about my sector. I’m also really keen to stick to my ethos of helping others, whether that’s working with more charitable organisations or keeping an eye out for people doing good things, but who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve.

What has been the biggest problem that you have had to overcome, to enable you to get where you are today?

Self-confidence was a massive barrier to going it alone, but now I’ve spoken to others who are self-employed, I think it’s a common issue. There’s a lot more support out there than I originally thought and now everything is up and running, there’s no stopping me!

Have there been any crazy/unbelievable moments that have happened since you began your business? Let’s celebrate your successes!

I’ve really enjoyed being a speaker at networking and training events, and it’s somehing I never thought I would do! It’s great being able to help so many people in one fell swoop, and it’s nice to be recognised as an expert in what I do.

If you could be interviewed by someone famous/a major influencer. Who would it be and why?

As a former journalist, I’m more used to asking questions than answering them, but if I were to be interviewed I’d like it to be by someone who is genuine. Maybe someone like Graham Norton, who seems to connect and get quite unusual anecdotes out of his guests.

Have there been any hard times in your career that made you question your decision of becoming a Femail Entrepreneur? How did you overcome this?

I had a bit of a tough time when I had a run of illnesses throughout my family and personally, which meant I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted working. It meant putting off quite a big project, and I felt really bad about it.

However, the positive of being self-employed and working with nice people is that I could explain what was going on and people were understanding about it. As soon as everything was back on track, I was able to pick up where I left off and everyone was happy!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I’d like to be doing the same, but more of it! Helping more businesses, leading more training and helping more good things to happen in the world!

Is there any advice you’d give to those who want to start on a similar business journey to you?

If you’re thinking about going it alone, do it! There’s so much support out there, people who can help you and people you can help.

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