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When I first found out about The Nook – the name instantly had me intrigued! The words quirky, warm and friendly came to mind.

After researching further, I found many incredible reviews saying amazing things! All backing up my first impression!

The nook is a quirky building and a great working environment. Not only does it serve the best coffee ever from their cafe but they have great food, which is normally difficult for me to find as I have specific dietary requirements. They have catered for a large event for me and they also hold their own educational and networking events which have really helped me grow my business. Offices are available to rent there too and having a gym on site is a great help. I find the team helpful and the building itself so easy to access being literally one min from the motorway. I love with there !

Review from Coworker.com

Vicki and her husband’s passion shines through their business in every area. With Vicki’s personal story, makes this even more of an inspirational read.

Let’s get personal! Where do you live? Do you have a family? What do you do for work and play?

I live in Ottery St Mary, just outside of Exeter in Devon. I am married with 5 children aged from 10 to 2. My husband and I have converted an old truck factory into a quirky business arena. It has an on-site gym and 5-star rated cafe. The Nook, which is now home to over 21 different businesses. It offers offices, coworking, virtual offices and services, meeting rooms, one to one support and much more. The whole idea was to cut out as much of the red tape associated with business as possible so people can focus on what they do best. For fun we really love our family time, mini adventures are our go to with 5 kids and we are blessed to live in such a beautiful area that there are loads of great things to do on our doorstep.

What is your business called and how did you decide on that name?

Our business is called the Nook and we have a blog on our website. The Nook was named that because of all the quirky little nooks there are to work from within the building. We are aiming to launch a new business blog later in the year. That really focuses on all business needs and interests.

What type of business do you have? What is your niche?

Our company is business focused and it does have a great deal of quirkyness and fun about it. We really want to help people with any work issues, it’s why we started this business. We have been self employed for many years and understand the stresses, we wanted to help.

What do you offer your readers/customers that no one else does?

Honest, reliable, factual information. A friendly face when people need one. A professional service in a relaxed atmosphere. We are also lucky to work with everyone from start ups to large organisations so we have a reliable network of connections we can refer people to. We just want to make life easier.

What made you start your business? Does the reality of running your own business meet your initial thoughts and expectations?

Running a business is a funny thing as you take it all so personally. When you achieve something big it’s like nothing else and I think that pushes us to work harder. We are very passionate about what we do and I can’t remember when we last had a full day off but we love it, its our 6th child. Also being self-employed allows us to be there for our children in a way that we couldn’t if we were employed by someone else.

How many hours a week do you spend on your business? Do you find you can work this around your other commitments?

We must do at least 60 a week each but we are flexible working partly from the office and partly from home which makes childcare easier. It’s not easy. If you didn’t love what you do it would be impossible. The children also love to get involved so some Saturdays we’re all at work together. We do pay the children for their ‘help’ although as most parents will know, they’re not always as helpful as they think they are.

Who inspires you most?

Both my husband and myself have parents that worked hard and gained success though this. We’d love to make them proud as well as setting an example for our children.

What is the big picture? Your business dream?

We’d love to be the most fun and efficient place to work, the go to place with business problems.

What has been the biggest problem that you have had to overcome, to enable you to get where you are today?

Personally, I suffered terribly from M. E to the point where I was in a wheelchair a lot of the time, just getting dressed was an issue let alone looking after my family. That had to be the hardest fight of my life but strangely it taught me so much. I can achieve so much more now, then I ever could have before. Being lucky that after my last pregnancy my symptoms improved so much that I can now work and mum in a way that makes me happy. I have to be more careful than most, I’m still not 100% but getting my life back has got to be my no 1 achievement

Have there been any crazy/unbelievable moments that have happened since you began your business? Let’s celebrate your successes!

We were the most voted for coworking space in the South West at last year’s coworking awards, we have so much demand to be a nookster that we have physically had to start building even more offices, we have a 5-star rating in our cafe and have landed some amazing corporate catering contracts. But my favourite thing is at Christmas, written in our cards from our clients, we had things like “my business wouldn’t be where it is today without your support”. It’s great to make a difference.

If you could be interviewed by someone famous/a major influencer. Who would it be and why?

I’d love to meet Peter Jones. Great man, great mind, great socks.

Have there been any hard times in your career that made you question your decision of becoming a Femail Entrepreneur? How did you overcome this?

It’s probably my M. E again. I had to take some time out to get better and it was hell not to work.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m happy doing what I’m doing. I just want to have been able to have made a difference to lots of people and their work.

Is there any advice you’d give to those who want to start on a similar business journey to you?

Love it, if you don’t really want it, don’t bother as it’s hard work.

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